Lakeville Brewing Company 2

The long wait is over! The Lakeville Brewing company doors opened last week for a soft opening with guest taps and this past weekend with 4-5 of their own beers. We stopped in the first weekend they opened and we were really impressed. The open floor plan is very welcoming the patio looks comfortable and they have a huge outside area. They really did a great job with the interior of the building as well as the outside. The food is worth the trip alone and the beer is pretty damn good too.

Lakeville Brewing Company

The first night of tapping their beer was busy which is great for them the place was packed the 2.5 hours I was there. the growing pains were a little evident but I am certain they will only improve from here on. I ordered a flight of beer and the bartender (female) listed each of the beers and I swear she told me the Darkest beer was the Stout but it was actually the Schwarbeir, so it was quite surprising when i first tasted it expecting it to be a Stout and it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong the Schwartzbeir was rather good, but not a stout. I love my Stouts and Porters so I look forward to trying the Stout when it is ready.

The Master Brewer Reese was trying to get the IPA lines ready to serve their IPA. I want to thank Reese for the opportunity to try the IPA while I was there. I have to say when I took my first taste of the IPA it was like a party in my mouth and I can picture myself floating in the pool while enjoying a cold mug of the IPA. The American IPA with a ABV of 7.7% has a great body with a bold hop flavor party on the tongue sitting by the pool goodness, it was a refreshing Hoppy sensation.

Lakeville Brewing Kegs

The Irish Red Ale ABV 5.91% is a very refreshing and smooth dynamic flavored Red ale

The American Light Lager ABV 4.34% has a very light crisp flavor.

The American Cream Ale ABV 6.5% has a good flavor

The Schwarzbeir ABV 6.7% has a tangy bite upon the first taste and a smooth finish

Overall i was impressed with each of the beers they have to offer I can not wait to get back and enjoy the IPA and a order of the super awesome Reuben Nachos. I would highly recommend that you Make the trip

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